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Analytics on your data lake

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databricks sql (DB SQL) allows customers to operate a multicloud lakehouse architecture 这比传统的云数据仓库提供了高达12倍的价格/性能. Using open source standards to avoid data lock-in, it provides the reliability, quality and performance that data lakes natively lack.

Reliable, lightning-fast analytics on data lake data

在数据湖经济中,通过在数据仓库性能上运行SQL查询来获得竞争优势. DB SQL brings reliability, quality, 安全性和性能,您的数据湖,以支持传统的分析工作负载使用您的最新和完整的数据.

Simplified administration and governance

Quickly setup instant, elastic SQL compute decoupled from storage. databricks自动确定实例类型和配置,以获得最佳的价格/性能. then, easily问题users, data, and resources with endpoint monitoring, query history, and fine-grained governance.

Analytics on all your data with your tools of choice

利用您喜欢的BI工具以世界级的性能分析最新和完整的数据, without having to move data into a data warehouse. databricks sql还使组织中的每个分析师能够通过内置的SQL编辑器快速查找并分享新的见解, visualizations and dashboards.

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how does it work?

Up to 12x better price/performance for query execution

databricks sql包含数千个优化,为所有查询类型和实际应用程序提供最佳性能. this includes photon -下一代查询引擎-与其他云数据仓库相比,提供高达12倍的更好的价格/性能.

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Simplified administration and governance for your lakehouse

databricks sql makes it easy to set up and manage SQL compute resources, thanks to a central log that records usage across virtual clusters, users and time. This makes it easier to observe workloads across DB SQL, third-party BI tools and any other SQL clients in one place, which in turn helps triage errors and performance issues. 然后,管理员可以深入到每个查询的执行阶段,以排除问题并支持审计.

Connect with your existing tools

Connect your preferred BI tools and benefit from fast performance, low latency and high user concurrency to your data lake data. Setting up reliable connections to your delta湖位于 tables is simple, and you can integrate your existing authentication solution. 重新设计的ODBC/JDBC驱动程序提供更低的延迟和更少的开销,从而将往返次数减少0.25 seconds. 数据传输速度提高了50%,元数据检索操作的执行速度提高了10倍.

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customer 360 dashboard

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First-class SQL development experience

databricks sql allows data analysts to quickly discover and find data sets, write queries in a familiar SQL syntax and easily explore delta湖位于 table schemas for ad hoc analysis. Regularly used SQL code can be saved as snippets for quick reuse, and query results can be cached to keep run times short.

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Quickly discover and share new insights

分析人员可以很容易地通过各种丰富的可视化来理解查询结果, and quickly build dashboards with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. To keep everyone current, dashboards can be shared and configured to automatically refresh, as well as to alert the team to meaningful changes in the data.

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use cases

Enable your lakehouse infrastructure

运营一个多云湖屋架构,在数据湖经济中提供数据仓库性能. databricks sql使分析师和数据科学家能够使用他们选择的工具,直接在最新和最完整的数据上可靠地执行SQL查询和BI,直接在您的数据湖上,同时通过减少对更多不同系统的需求,极大地简化了体系结构.

Leverage your existing BI tools

使业务分析师能够使用他们喜欢的BI工具直接查询数据湖数据,避免数据竖井. Re-engineered and optimized connectors ensure fast performance, low latency and high user concurrency to your data lake. 现在,分析人员可以使用最好的工具,对数据的单一真实来源进行工作.

Collaboratively explore the freshest data

通过协作和自助式的分析体验,使组织中的每个分析师和SQL专业人士能够快速找到并分享新的见解. Confidently manage data permissions with fine-grained governance, share and reuse queries, 并通过交互式可视化和仪表板快速分析和共享结果.

build應custom data程式

为您自己的组织或客户构建丰富的自定义数据增强应用程序. Benefit from the ease of connectivity, 管理和更好的价格/性能的DB SQL,以简化大规模数据增强应用程序的开发, all served from your data lake.


Get critical business data in with one click integrations, and benefit from fast performance, low latency, and high user concurrency for your existing BI tools. Setting up reliable connections to your delta湖位于 tables is simple, and you can integrate your existing authentication solution.

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+ Any other Apache Spark™️ compatible client

" now more than ever, 组织需要一种数据策略,使速度和敏捷性具有适应性. As organizations are rapidly moving their data to the cloud, we’re seeing growing interest in doing analytics on the data lake.

databricks sql的引入为客户提供了一种全新的体验,让他们能够从海量的数据中洞察性能, reliability and scale they need. We’re proud to partner with databricks to bring that opportunity to life.”

—Francois Ajenstat, Chief product Officer, Tableau

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Building the lakehouse at atlassian
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Delivering insights from 20M+ smart homes with 500M+ devices

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Powering telemetry analysis at comcast with databricks sql
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Driving transformation with scalable, open lakehouse architecture
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Implementing structured streaming on a large-scale lakehouse
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“异常安全”使用databricks bg视讯娱乐网站将电子邮件网络攻击减少20%
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Secure and personalized payment options for customers at scale
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“壳牌一直在进行数字化转型,这是BG视讯注册登录提供更多、更清洁能源解决方案的雄心的一部分. As part of this, we have been investing heavily in our data lake architecture. BG视讯注册登录的目标是让BG视讯注册登录的数据团队能够以最简单的方式快速查询BG视讯注册登录的海量数据集. 使用标准BI工具对拍字节级数据集执行快速查询的能力对BG视讯注册登录来说是一种改变. BG视讯注册登录与databricks的合作创新方式使BG视讯注册登录能够影响产品路线图, and we are excited to see this come to market.”

— Dan Jeavons, General Manager — data science, Shell

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" at atlassian, BG视讯注册登录需要确保团队能够很好地跨职能协作,以实现不断发展的目标. 一个简化的湖屋架构将使BG视讯注册登录能够吸收大量的用户数据,并运行必要的分析,以更好地预测客户的需求,并改善客户的体验.
a single, 易于使用的云分析平台允许BG视讯注册登录基于可操作的见解快速改进和构建新的协作工具.”

— Rohan Dhupelia, Data platform Senior Manager, atlassian

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" at wejo, BG视讯注册登录正在收集超过5000万辆联网汽车的数据,以打造更好的驾驶体验.
databricks和健壮的湖屋架构将允许BG视讯注册登录为客户提供自动化的分析, empowering them to glean insights on nearly 5 trillion data points per month, all in a streaming environment from car to marketplace in seconds.”

— Daniel Tibble, Head of Data, Wejo

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“As a company focused on providing data-driven research to our customers, the massive amount of data in our data lake is our lifeblood. By leveraging databricks and delta湖位于, we have already been able to democratize data at scale, while lowering the cost of running production workloads by 60%, saving us millions of dollars.
BG视讯注册登录很高兴能够利用databricks lakehouse架构,进一步增强BG视讯注册登录组织中每个人的能力——从研究分析师到数据科学家——可以互换地使用相同的数据, 帮助BG视讯注册登录以前所未有的速度为客户提供创新的见解.”

— Steve Pulec, Chief Technology Officer, YipitData

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